Photographer Captures The Adorable Friendship Between A Tiny Owl And A Belgian Malinois

If you’ve ever had a dog in your life, you don’t need anyone to tell you that they can be quite friendly. That is why many people tend to love dogs because they have that unconditional love and loyalty for their human companions.

Not only do they have those qualities, when was the last time you came home after a difficult day and the first “person” to greet you was your dog? They race to the door to be by your side and you rarely find them anywhere else. They are at our feet while we are eating dinner and on our lap while we are binge-watching Netflix. The funny thing is, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As it turns out, those qualities are not only there for humans to enjoy, we sometimes see dogs getting close to other animals.

Social media is where you will find evidence of a very special friendship that exists between a Belgian Malinois and a tiny owl. It is melting hearts all around the world.

Tanja Brandt is a wildlife photographer who was kind enough to take these pictures of the most unusual and beautiful friendship. It was her dog, Ingo, and the owl, Poldi, that were the subject of the pictures.

Both of these animals were an instant hit when they showed up on social media. They even have their own account on Instagram and different photo books were created featuring the pair.

Here are some more of those pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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