Begging Dog Accepts Food And Runs Away. Then A Man Follows Her To See Where She’s Bringing It

A stray dog in Bangkok, Thailand, always goes around begging for food in a market district. She would always come back to the market to get more, but once she was given the meat, she would run away.

It was unknown where the dog went. People wondered why she wouldn’t just eat the meat right then and there if she was so hungry. One man decided to follow her one day to find out where she is always going.

He hands her a chicken drumstick, and as always, she ran away. The man followed her, and the dog turned around and saw him following her, but she kept going. Eventually, he followed her all the way to an abandoned backyard. He watched the dog walk over to a dark corner. Then he saw four puppies come running out to the chicken.

It turned out that the begging dog was actually a loving mother providing for her babies! What a sweet and smart dog and an amazing mama!

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