With A Little Love, There’s Hope For Even The Most Neglected Animals, And Here’s Proof!

6. Cayden

Cayden was nearly dead when he arrived at Saving Death Row Dogs in Topeka, Kansas. He had severe anemia, low blood sugar, and other cardiovascular diseases.

With the help of the Midwest Community Cat Alliance and Rescue Bank, Cayden was treated with meds, fluids, several blood transfusions and treatment for his blood disease. When he was stable, he was transferred to another facility where he was cleaned up for adoption.

More than one vet suggested that Cayden was “feral” and to dump so much money into a single cat was absurd. When Cayden arrived at the shelter, he was scared, or course. He could not be handled and repeatedly charged at anyone who came close to him. But, after over a month had passed, he was well enough to be neutered.

“On that day, he could be handled after surgery since he was groggy,” a Saving Death Row Dogs volunteer said. “Soon afterwards, Cayden started to transform. He stopped charging at his foster mom and one day rubbed against her feet.”

Source: Rescue Bank Cayden
Source: Rescue Bank

Cayden now looks forward to comforting pets from anyone, and gets along with with other animals and children. His worst days behind him, Cayden has truly opened up to love again!

“He is a happy boy who is taking his medicine and very soon will be available for his forever home,” the volunteer continued. “His new home is anxiously awaiting his arrival.”

Cayden’s story has a happy ending, all thanks to caring volunteers and Rescue Bank. And there have been plenty of other similar stories to come out of this Kansas shelter. In 2016 alone, Saving Death Row Dogs serviced 436 kitties and fed more than 200 others with Rescue Bank’s assistance.

5. Chance

When a dog was seen thrown from a moving truck in Phoenix, Ariz., it was lucky the following car stopped to help him out.

“Chance,” the dog was later named, was taken to Freedom Tails Rescue in Tucson, Ariz., where he was given a chance to recover his health with the help of Rescue Bank food donations.

Source: Rescue Bank
Source: Rescue Bank

Such a frightening ordeal would leave many animals with behavioral issues, but Chance has since been enjoying his new lease on life.

“He is very spoiled, but healthy, and has a fur brother that looks identical to Chance,” a Freedom Tails volunteer said. “He spends most of his time pool side.”

4. Jelly Bean

Jellybean is one of hundreds of dogs who have been rescued from death row thanks to kind and caring rescuers, and donations from Rescue Bank.

She was originally taken in as a stray by Broward Animal Control. Weighing only 41 lbs and completely emaciated, Jelly Bean refused to eat and vomited anything she managed to choke down.

Source: Rescue Bank Jelly Bean
Source: Rescue Bank
Jelly Bean

“We took her into our rescue and after being examined and x-rayed, our vets found that she had a blockage and went in for emergency surgery,” said a volunteer from Feeling Fine Canine Rescue in Loxahatchee, Fla. “Turns out she had ingested two feet of a towel and her organs were close to shutting down. Thankfully, the blockage was able to be removed and jelly bean began her road to recovery.”

Because of her emaciation and sensitive stomach, Jellybean needed to be fed high quality food multiple times a day, which Rescue Food Bank helped make possible. Jelly bean now weighs over 100 lbs and a very happy and spunky girl.

Source: Rescue Bank Jelly Bean
Source: Rescue Bank
Jelly Bean

“We save the most extreme medically needy animals and The Pet Project Food Bank allows us to save even more,” the volunteer continued. “The food [Rescue Bank] provides helps change the lives of every medically needy animal we have saved. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws.”

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