Honey Bees Work Together To Save Another Friend In Distress

When it comes to friendship, the bees seem to know precisely how to be a good friend. Bees are known to be pretty good at teamwork – they live in hives and work together to make honey. It’s a process that requires everybody to pull their weight, but it also requires everybody to think like The Three Musketeers in terms of “all for one, and one for all.”

And that is exactly the kind of thinking that led to these kind little insects coming together to help save the life of one of their bees who experienced a close call with death. The moment was captured on camera by a beekeeper who uploaded it to Facebook.

The beekeeper first noticed that something was wrong after the little bee suffered a fall into a honey extractor and was stuck. The beekeeper managed to spot the bee in time and got her out, returning her to the hive. That is when the beekeeper noted that the other bees were very quick to come to her aid. They clearly recognized that she was in distress and immediately set to work cleaning her off. It took the bees several hours to remove all the honey from the injured bee’s body and wings, but they did not give up. They kept going until the little bee was all cleaned up.

Image by PollyDot from Pixabay

Once her wings were all clear of honey, the bee was able to fly again! The bee has her hive mates to thank for it. And the video perfectly exemplifies how wonderfully the bees are able to come together to help one another through difficult times. That is the kind of positivity that we should all aspire to.

Check out the video below:

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