The “Queen Of The Bees” Goes Viral For Rescuing Hives On TikTok

When we were children, we were told that bees were important for the pollination of plants. But now there are major environmental changes happening – many of which are having a negative impact on the bee populations.

Bringing awareness to the plight of the bees as well as their importance, is one Austin, Texas woman named Erika Thompson. Her beekeeping videos have been creating quite a buzz – yes, pun intended – on social media, and we have to admit, they’re quite mesmerizing to watch.

Thompson is the owner of Beeworks. She’s been a busy bee sharing her videos online with the world. Most of her posts are updates and insights into what it’s like to be a beekeeper. She is very adamant about her mission to “save the bees,” a goal which has earned her many cute nicknames such as “queen of the bees,” “the unstung hero,” and “protector of the honeycombs” – amongst others.

Thompson has been working as a beekeeper for nearly 10 years. But it wasn’t until April of this year that she began sharing videos of her work on TikTok. And it was a good call too since she has been gaining a huge following for her bee videos. All 20 of her TikTok videos have each received over a million views. But her latest one has more than 20 million views!

Thanks to her popularity online, Thompson has gained herself more than a million TikTok followers. One of the reasons that her videos are proving to be popular is the fact that many of the videos she posts are of her removing her bees from their hives while not being fully dressed in the traditional beekeeper suit.

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While most beekeepers favor that white hazmat-looking suit, Thomspon does not. She wears minimal protective items, citing that she is well-versed in “bee-havior.”

She explained in the video, “After keeping bees for nearly 10 years, I’ve learned to read their behavior and can tell when they’re aggressive. No stings and no bee suit needed here!”

Watching the different videos that she has posted has definitely created some educational content that is equally as entertaining. And the bees can definitely use the exposure.

Watch the video below:

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