This Is Un-Bee-Lievable! Welcome To The Bee Hotel!

Welcome To The Grand Beedapest Hotel!

A British beverage company, Taylors of Harrogate, has just built a bee hotel to honor their favorite little helpers. The hotel’s design was inspired by Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel (great film!) and is loaded with anything and everything a bee could ever dream about!

The hotel is equipped with a lemongrass and ginger bar, a rose lemonade restaurant, a peppermint leaf gym and spa, sour cherry bedroom, the waggle dance floor and the sweet rhubarb queen bee suite. The company’s motto for this hotel, “Without bees, there would be no teas,” is GENIUS and definitely true. We need to thank bees like this more often!

The intro to the video is absolutely Bee-u-tiful! “Hello Bees, you’re Brilliant. You power our infusions with your pollination. So we made you this.” Wow, I love this company! Appreciating their tiny hard workers just won my heart! And this video will win yours!

Now go ahead, and enjoy a tour of the most adorable little bee hotel!

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