Kitty Is Ready To Go To Sleep

I don’t know about you, but for me, bedtime is probably one of my FAVORITE times of the day! Well…that and meal time, because who doesn’t love food? LOL! And, okay, coffee time is pretty great, too (gotta have that cup of joe, you know!). But bedtime is extra special because YAY SLEEP! It’s the thing I’ve been looking forward to doing all day!

Even pets have a bedtime, even though it seems like sleep consumes most of their lives (I’m so jealous of them sometimes!!! GRR! But you’ve got to love them, anyway!). And for this cute cat, that special bedtime is PAWSOME!

This cat cannot wait to go to sleep, and waits for her human during their bedtime routine for her favorite time of the day. My cat normally runs away when I turn on the bedroom light, but not this little one. She hops onto the bed and waits for the covers to be turned down. What a cutie!!!

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