This Kid Is Learning To Trust Dogs Again, One Awkward Smooch At A Time

After their daughter was bit in the face by a vicious dog, the Griffith family didn’t want her to live in fear of dogs for the rest of her life… So they did something animal lovers will certainly approve of: They adopted the sweetest most adorable Pit Bull ever. And now it seems that they can’t get enough of each other!


While this type of “puppy therapy” won’t work for every child who is afraid of dogs, it is certainly working for this kid! OH EM GEE! Can he get any closer?!


There are other ways a frightened child can overcome his or her fear of dogs. Through socializing slowly, or being around a therapy dog may help. Or trying to integrate your child slowly with a dog that a friend or family member has, that has NO history of aggressive behavior. Even role playing with a stuffed dog can help smaller children feel more comfortable until they are ready to be around “real” dogs. The goal is to look to the child for behavior cues. Don’t push them too fast, and don’t get worked up around your child. Kids pick up on your behavior quickly and often mimic what you are feeling.

This kid is certainly coming a long way with her fear of dogs because of this sweet boy!

To top it off, this Pittie is the most awkward kisser ever! I swear, you cannot watch this video just once, trust me!

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