These Fur Siblings Used To Fight Like Cats And Dogs. But They’ve Grown Up To Be Best Friends!

When these two first met, so many things could’ve happened. The road to true friendship is often paved with questions and doubts but luckily, these two found their way through it all.

Beatrix, a big dog with a big heart, has the patience of a saint! When she met Midge, a tiny, frisky kitten, she gave her the chance she needed (even though Midge was kinda pesky). Cute, sure, but pesky!

Now, Beatrix and Midge are the best of friends! Midge has grown up and calmed down a bit, but they still LOVE to play together. They even have their own Instagram following, @beatrixandmidge 🙂

Isn’t their friendship proof that we ALL can get along if we put some effort into it? I think so! This duo makes my whole body smile so hard, it kinda hurts. The good kind of hurt of course! Do you think these two are a match made in heaven? Let us know in the comments!

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