Breeder Starved Her So She Could Be Sold As A “Teacup” Pig, But She’s Living A Much Better Life Now

Beatrice the pig had a very rough start to life. She was rescued from a breeder who starved her so she could be sold as a “teacup” pig.

Since she wasn’t ever fed, she became extremely malnourished and very sick. Thankfully her rescuers at Central Texas Pig Rescue were able to nurse her back to health with lots of food, love and care.

“Her love and energy for life is contagious,” said Dan Illescas, rescuer at Central Texas Pig Rescue. “She embodies the strength an animal can have that has lived through tough times.”

Now, not only does she never have to worry about being mistreated ever again, but she also never has to be alone again. She is making many new friends at the rescue including other pigs and even cats!

She has made a full recovery and her bubbly personality now completely shines through. She is a very energetic pig and enjoys running around outside and playing with the other animals at the rescue.

Watch her journey in the video below:

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