Mama Bear Swims Across Wisconsin Lake With 3 Cubs On Her Back

There is no love quite like the love of a mother toward her children. We often see it when the chips are down and times are tough. Interestingly, we can also see it in the animal kingdom and that is certainly evident when we watch the video below.

Nelda Powers was enjoying a beautiful evening on a sunset cruise in Wisconsin. It was in June and the cruise was taking place on the Chippewa flowage. It’s a beautiful area, but suddenly they saw something in the lake that didn’t look quite right.

When it came into view, they found out it was a mother bear who was swimming across the water with 3 cubs on her back.

Photo: Facebook / Nelda Blakely Powers

You can hear the exclamations of joy as the bear paddled right by the boat, with one of them even saying, “Bless her heart!”

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As they say, all’s well that ends well and the bear and her three cubs made it safely across the lake. The last they saw of them, they were running into the woods, safe and sound.

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