After Stealing A 20 lb Bag Of Dog Food, This Bear Decided He Needed A Nap In Someone’s Backyard

This guy I heard about, he went to the neighbor’s house, stole an entire week’s worth of meals, and devoured them on the spot.

Why? Well, he wasn’t drunk or desperate – he was just a bear!

Bears are known for their voracious appetites, which sometimes take them places we least expect to see them. Bob Cross was called by a neighbor, and when he went to investigate what kind of critter was causing the fuss, he discovered a huge bear.

“It was just sitting there on the ground and I could see it was eating something,” Cross told ABC News.

The bear dragged a 20 pound bag of dog food onto the lawn and feasted on it.

What do you do after a huge meal of mostly carbs? Well…

Source: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8
What would you do if you saw this in your backyard?

“It laid all the way down and the thing just rolled right over. I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Cross said.

Source: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8
The bear found a snack.

Luckily for us, Bob had the most important pieces of equipment for dealing with a large bear – common sense and a camera! He stayed back, used his zoom, and captured some of the most hilarious photos on the internet.

Source: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8
After a big meal, the bear took a nap.

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Bob’s neighbors enjoyed the visit, too.

“I was making noises and laughing and it would just raise its head. It could care less if I was there,” one resident said. “The pictures really tell the story.”

Source: YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8
Local residents were astounded by the bear’s visit.

The news anchor that interviewed him afterward explained that he had trouble keeping the camera still. He was laughing too hard.

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