Black Bear Breaks Into Truck In Colorado And Destroys Interior Trying To Escape

Bears are more active in the fall as they need to eat nearly nonstop in preparation for hibernation. This process is called hyperphagia and it is occurring all over the country.

The ravenous bears follow their strong sense of smell (100 times stronger than humans) to food and are intelligent enough to open doors.

One black bear broke into a truck in South Park, Colorado, and was caught red-handed by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife official.

A hilarious photo of the bear behind the wheel of the truck was shared by CPW on Twitter, but the damage the bear left behind is no laughing matter.

The photo caption read, “This is NOT what you want to see behind the wheel. Wait until you see what it did to the truck trying to find the exit.”

The bear easily made it way into the truck but getting out was much more difficult. CPW shared that bears “often get trapped inside after the door closes behind them.” The seats and roof were tore apart with cables exposed and the interior of the truck was destroyed as the bear attempted to find an exit.

Officials said there was “extensive damage” and the photos proved it.

Photos: Twitter/CPW NE Region

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They used the incident as a teaching moment for other people. They shared that removing food from vehicles and keeping all doors locked would prevent bears from getting inside.

The trapped bear was finally set free after the wildlife officer opened the the front door of the truck for it.

Photo: Twitter/CPW NE Region

The bear wasted no time in running for the woods to find something to eat.

CPW urges people to “Be Bear Aware” and refrain from feeding bears. They shared many tips on their website on how to coexist with bears stating, “Bears are very smart, and have great memories – once they find food, they come back for more.”

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