Paraplegic Squirrel Gets A Chance At Life All Because Of One Special Friend

Bean is a very special little squirrel. He was found by a caring mom who gave him a real chance at life. A life he probably wouldn’t have had without her.

Bean is paraplegic and if it weren’t for his mom building him a special wheelchair, he wouldn’t be able to get around on his own.

His super cool wheelchair works his upper muscles in a special way. Now Bean can do the things he wants to do… all on his own! Many people wouldn’t have the heart or the patience to raise Bean properly but his mom has both! She’s a true hero in my book!

Bean’s days are spent the way they should be: full of life and full of fun! His cute little face says it all! Would you have the heart to take in a squirrel like Bean?

To learn more about Bean and his wonderful new life, check out this awesome Dodo video!

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