Dog Pops Out Of Couch Pillows Like A Periscope When Owner Calls

Dogs are wonderful companions. But what is better than one dog? Two!

Having two dogs means having double the fun and also double the pranks. There is something fun about two dogs that they always seem to play off one another.

More often than not, this playfulness ends up being unintentional, leading to some really funny moments.

Photo: Pixabay/Moses Coutinho Moses

One of the ways that a pair of dogs can be funny without trying, is when their names get called. Dogs know their names, but sometimes they seem to show a little cat-like attitude where they just don’t care if you’re calling them or not. They’ll just make an appearance, whether you’re actually calling their name or your other dog’s name.

That precise moment was caught on camera by a dog owner. She’s trying to get the attention of her pooch, Bean.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

A different adorable little pooch is seated on the back of the sofa, just chilling. He doesn’t seem all that bothered by his owner calling. He sort of gives her the side-eye look like he’s saying, “I’m choosing to ignore you.”

The owner then repeats Bean’s name, and the funniest thing ensues. Bean pops his head right up in response. Adding to the funny moment is the pooch’s hair. His coat is quite furry and fuzzy, so he looks like he’s got a bad case of bed head.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

The owner shared with ViralHog, “I saw rustling in the blankets/pillows and called out for Bean and he popped right out!”

Overall, the short little clip is a great reminder of all the bright and funny moments that our pets can bring to our lives.

Check out the adorable footage below:

What do you think of these two funny pooches? Do your dogs ever play off one another like this? Let us know!

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