Woman Heartbroken Over Loss of Her Beagle Says Fate Guided Her to Two Others in Need

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I had lost one of my dogs, Shiloh, to cancer in June. Losing another beagle to cancer was devastating, and I was done with rescuing for a bit and beagles. The week after Shiloh’s passing, Central Animal Hospital’s Instagram (the vet my dogs attend) posted a photo of a beagle mom who gave birth to four beagle puppies. I thought it was sweet, but I moved on. Emotionally, I wasn’t ready. I still missed Shiloh.

The woman who had fostered my current dog Bixby prior to my adoption randomly tagged me on a Facebook post from Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD of a beagle mom and her new four puppies. My vet, who works at CAH, around the same time told me she had a surprise and texted me photos of four beagle puppies and their mom. When I went back and looked at all three sources, it was the same beagle mom and the same four puppies. At this point, I knew I needed to at least inquire. The last connection that sealed the deal that this was meant to be was that the Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD owner turned out to be the aunt of a friend. Small world!

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Everyone first pointed me towards the puppies, but I knew given they were puppies, they’d easily be rescued. I wanted to know more about the mom. It’d been six years since I’d had a girl beagle, and I missed having another lady in the home. I soon realized that I couldn’t rescue the mom and take her away from all her sons. I made the decision to adopt the mom and one of the sons, and it was the best decision ever.


It was really hard picking between the four boys because all were amazing and loved equally by their mom, who now goes by Naya. I chose the beagle boy who first spoke to my heart and named him Logan. All three dogs get along well, and seeing Naya raise her son and that dynamic is beautiful. As he gets older, it’s funny to watch him “talk back” to her, but I’m excited for this new journey. I’ve been rescuing for over ten years and every time is always different, exciting and rewarding. I didn’t know when I’d be ready again, but trust and faith led Naya and Logan to me and I’m pretty sure Shiloh sent them to me.

Story submitted by Candace Peterson.

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