Beagle Was Dumped At The Shelter So Her Family Could Take Their New Dog On Vacation

A family from California when on vacation to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. While they are were there, they fell in love with the most adorable little beagle and decided to bring adopt her.

Fast forward six years later, the family decided to go on another 6-wee vacation to Hawaii. Rather than find a sitter for there dog (clearly they have $$$ to go on a 6-week vacation, they can afford a sitter), they surrendered the dog, name Toots, to a local animal shelter.

Because the shelter was publicly funded, they are open-admission and are contractually obligated to receive any animal that is surrendered on site. The shelter must also euthanizes animals that have not been adopted for a period of time in order to make space for new arrivals.

Andrea Neyses, an animal welfare advocate and friend of the shelter, managed to film the surrender, without revealing the identity of the man giving up Toots, and posted it on Facebook: “TODAY I SAW THE MOST SELFISH OF HUMANS,” she began.

In the video she gets upset with the man: “They got a new dog they are keeping to take with them. Who can look in her face and know [you’re] their whole world and still walk away?”

Trying desperately not to lash out, she bids farewell, “You have a real nice vacation.”

Thankfully, Chiquita’s Friends Animal Rescue saw the video and made sure to pick up the heartbroken dog, “Toots is so very scared but grateful she didn’t sleep at shelter one night,” she wrote. “Rescued at close of business by amazing rescue.”

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