Beagle Dad Has ‘The Talk’ With His New Puppy

When you are a parent, you are going to have a lot of conversations with your children. Some of them are going to be serious and others, not quite so serious.

Whenever it does come time for any type of serious conversation, however, it can go quite deep. You might even find that it is difficult to keep the attention of your child, so it requires a little extra volume or intensity on your part.

Most human parents have discovered the truthfulness of the fact by the time their child is only a few years old. It seems as if it is not only something that is limited to humans, however, there also dogs that experience the same issue.

Photo: YouTube/Leo The Beagle

In fact, we have just such a conversation to show you in a video that is going to touch your heart and put a big smile on your face.

I’d like to introduce you to Lily, a beagle puppy. Like any little puppy, she’s very playful and I’m sure she is difficult to keep up with at times.

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Photo: YouTube/Leo The Beagle
Photo: YouTube/Leo The Beagle

Then again, her father seems to be doing a fairly good job of keeping her in line.

Her dad, Leo, is spending some time with her and giving her some type of life lesson.

Photo: YouTube/Leo The Beagle

Although we can’t fully understand everything the father is saying, because they are speaking in dog, we are sure every parent has had a similar conversation with their child.

Enjoy it for yourself in the following video:

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