Beagle Makes A ‘Comfort Nest’ Using The Blankets Every Night Before Bed

Getting comfortable for bed is no easy feat. And Leroy the Beagle is no exception. This sweet little dog has the most adorable nightly ritual – he loves to make up his bed until he gets it just right.

He is always turning his blanket into the perfect sleeping cocoon. It’s not clear how long he’s been at his ritual. But in the video, it’s clear that he takes great pride in building his special nightly bed – he struggles to pull, flip-over, and roll the blanket with his mouth, however, he doesn’t seem satisfied with the outcome.

Photo: Screenshot / Youtube / Rumble

After he pauses for a moment on camera, Leroy goes back to “fix” his bed. But this time he tries lifting the blanket with his little head. he continues to maneuver the blanket around until he manages to build himself a little cozy haven. When finished, Leroy just buries himself inside the “comfort-fort.”

Leroy’s owners have claimed to have no option but the watch him enthusiastically “make” his bed each and every night. It’s quite a precious ritual.

Photo: Screenshot / Youtube / Rumble

You can click on the video below to watch Leroy’s adorable nightly habit:

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