Puppy Mill Dog, Only Used For Breeding, Sees Sun For The First Time

This precious pup spent her entire life doing one thing: breeding. She never saw the light of day. She never got to enjoy basic dog things like playing fetch, lying by a fire, or getting pets from her human.

Instead, B.B. was kept in a filthy cage all alone. She did her duty by having puppies and putting money in her puppy miller’s wallet. BUT NO MORE!


B.B. has finally been rescued! The Humane Society of the United States has found her! On the video below, you will see B.B. exit the puppy mill and see sun for the first time. Her eyes have to adjust. She squints from the sun and pants heavily from excitement and nervousness.


Finally, after years of breeding, B.B. will have a chance at a real life with a real family– loving and playing… just as she AND ALL DOGS deserve! By supporting local shelters and rescue groups, you are making it much harder for people like puppy millers to stay in business. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ADOPT, NEVER SHOP!

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