Forget Waldo – Where in the World is Bubbles?

The Amos family is on a mission. They are from Australia, but live in the United States now with their rabbits and their wonderful dog, Bubbles. The three children, Bella, Austin, and Aria, love animals. They learned about adoption rates and pet euthanasia, and wanted to make a difference for shelter pets, giving them the best shot possible at getting a furrever home. Anthony and Rachel, their wonderful parents, put their doggie experience and business savvy to good use to help make that dream come true.

The family came up with a plan. They would tour the states – all 50 of them – to raise a million dollars for rescue organizations across the country! So began the Bathe to Save National Tour.


The Amos family designed and created the Hydrodog, a brilliant blue dog-shaped van stocked with a working bathtub. They packed their bags (and their pets) into a big blue tour bus, which would be their new home for the next 18 months. They contacted to figure out how to best get funds to local shelters on their journey. Then, they took off for the adventure of a lifetime!


We got to meet this amazing family in person when they made a brief stop near The Animal Rescue Site’s office in Seattle, Washington. They’ll be back. On August 4th, the official Bathe to Save tour will officially be right in the greater Seattle area at a fantastic little shelter called Homeward Pet. They’re going to bathe every dog in the facility, funded by and The Animal Rescue Site (click here to see how you can help!). They will also be bathing everyone else’s dogs in exchange for a $20 donation, which will go directly to Homeward Pet.

Come see them and get your dog bathed – Bubbles wants to meet you!


Not located in the Seattle area? Don’t worry. Bathe to Save will be coming to your state soon. Check out what they’re doing in the video below, then find out when they’re coming your way and drop in for a visit! You and your pup will emerge cleaner and happier, knowing you’ve made a difference for shelter dogs in your neighborhood. Now that’s a win/win!

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