Surrendered Kitten With Broken Leg Receives Surgery Thanks To Donors And Makes A Full Recovery

Cats do not always land on their feet when they fall, especially from a three-story porch.

A six-month-old kitten was surrendered to Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield, Massachusetts, with a fractured femur.

Although no one witnessed how the kitten broke her leg, it is believed she fell from a three-story porch. The staff named the long-haired black kitten Bastet and contacted a local vet to evaluate and care for her.

Photo: Second Chance Animal Services

Bastet could not walk on the hind leg and needed surgery to save the leg. Thanks to generous people like you, Bastet received the necessary surgeries. The first surgery involved placing a pin in her leg. A month later, the pin was removed and the kitten was placed on cage rest with limited activity for three weeks as the leg healed.

Photo: Second Chance Animal Services

The resilient kitten went on to make a full recovery in a foster home. She can run, play and leap like other cats and get into all kinds of trouble. Bastet’s playful and friendly demeanor captured the attention of an adventurous couple shortly after she recovered.

Photo: Second Chance Animal Services

The young couple was looking for a companion for their other cat named Nymiria. They fell in love with Bastet’s personality and adopted her. Bastet loves to climb her cat tree, jump into the windowsill, and go on outdoor adventures with her family – in a harness of course.

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Photo: Second Chance Animal Services

The couple told the shelter that her crazy antics and personality are a constant source of laughter. They adore her and are so grateful to everyone who donated to help her walk again.

Photo: Second Chance Animal Services

The shelter thanks you for donating to cover the cost of Bastet’s surgery and care. “Thank you to and this program that helps so many special pets overcome their hurdles and find loving homes. We could not do it without their support and the support of their wonderful donors and followers.”

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