Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Loves to Lick You?

Besides what we’ve assumed, have you ever truly wondered why dogs lick us? Most of us assume this is their way of kissing us but is it possible that there’s more to it? OF COURSE THERE IS!

Dogs lick us to communicate or to get a response from us. These reasons differ and this video explains it pawfectly! I’m most impressed by the fact that your dog may be licking you to see how you’re feeling physically. Your dog is often in tune to your health and well being. Wow, isn’t that kind of cool since you worry about your dog’s health and well being too? It’s good to know that they care about us as much as we care about them.

They also lick us because we have a positive response and our pups love to make us happy. Do you giggle when your dog licks you? Or praise him or her? Yup, they love to know that they’re pleasing their person. Aren’t dogs the best?!

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