Nurturing Pit Bull Takes Care Of Foster Animals

Some dogs have a natural nurturing side and they just want to care for those around them. It’s especially sweet when they get the chance to embrace their caring side and help others.

For a pit bull named Bamse, he wasn’t sure what to think about caring for other animals at first. His owner, artist Dani Karlsson, was regularly bringing new rescue animals into the home as fosters and Bamse was timid and unsure.

However, he soon realized that he loved caring for foster animals of all kinds and before long, he was looking after all of the rescues his mom brought home.

Photo: Pixabay/lenelarsen86

It all started with a little puppy who had a fifth paw. Karlsson shared in a TikTok that she was very careful of bringing Bamse around the puppy at first because she wasn’t sure how he’d react.

Before she adopted him, he was a backyard dog and didn’t have experience being around other animals.

Photo: TikTok/danimal.kingdom
Photo: TikTok/danimal.kingdom

Karlsson carefully introduced Bamse to the little puppy, and within a day the giant pit bull was “completely smitten.”

Ever since then, Bamse has been welcoming “every little orphan that enters this home with love & affection – and patience.”


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In a series of sweet videos shared on TikTok, Karlsson shows just how kind and loving Bamse can be.

From puppies and kittens to birds and lizards, Bamse has been around it all and has proven just how good of a caretaker he truly is.

Watch the videos below:


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You can follow Karlsson on TikTok to see more of her rescues and more of Bamse, @danimal.kingdom.

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