Buddy The Rescue Dog Has The Cutest Play Session With Automatic Ball Thrower

I am madly in love with Buddy The Rescue Dog and you will be too! Buddy’s excitement for his play sesh is OFF THE CHARTS! He literally jumps for joy each time he waits for the ball thrower to pitch the next ball.

Buddy’s expressions and playfulness have won my heart FOREVER! Videos like this one remind us that having fun with our dogs, while they get exercise, is super important. While the technology on this is super cool, it is also great if we get exercise as well, while they do. But sometimes we just can’t keep up with their pace. Some dogs, like Buddy, will outlast any human. I mean, seriously, my arm would just fall off! So good thing there are things like this to help.

Remember, when your dog is getting a workout, always provide plenty of water and a place to lie down in the shade to take a break. Sometimes dogs, like children, won’t know their limits and they will push themselves too far. It’s always good to remind them to take a break and cool off.

Isn’t Buddy ADORABLE?!

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