Neglected Street Dog Makes An Incredible Transformation

A hairless, neglected street dog in Bali made an incredible transformation after being taken in by a loving rescue.

Aaron, with Sun and Sage rescue, spotted a “white blob” on the street corner near a gas station. As he approached, he realized the blob was a dog – in despate need of help.

According to The Dodo, the poor thing had no hair left and was covered in scabs.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Aaron managed to catch the dog, who he named Homer, and take him to the vet, but his condition was so bad he wasn’t sure if the poor pooch could be saved.

Unfortunately, the vet only provided more bad news: Homer had cancer and would need chemotherapy.

Aaron decided to take a chance on the gentle giant and see if he could make it through treatment.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

The poor dog seemed depressed and unsure of people, but he slowly started to come around to Aaron. After a few weeks, he even began to wag his tail!

As the treatment went along, he began to heal – physically and emotionally. His hair began to grow back little by little, his scabs began to heal, and he began to trust people and really come out of his shell.

It took three months, but Homer was finally cleared of cancer! He survived chemotherapy and cancer and seemed to be a totally different dog.

Photo: Unsplash/Sandy Millar

One of Aaron’s friends, Nungki, had been following Homer’s story on social media and offered the pup a temporary home. Her plan was to foster Homer until he could find a forever family, but he ended up being her foster fail.

She shared in a post on Instagram, “I am fostering this boy named Homer. My friend @sun_and_sage rescued him from the street about a couple of months ago and now we are looking for a home for Homer.”

However, it wasn’t long before she updated the post announcing that she was keeping Homer forever!

It’s hard to believe the white, fluffy dog living with her is the same pup found on the street corner.

Watch the video below:

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