Former Bait Dog Was Found Abandoned On The Side Of A Road. Now, He Can’t Stop Thanking His Rescuers

When Tia and the Pit Bulls and Parolees crew first saw this dog lying outside in the grass, they thought he was dead. But when they got a closer look, they realized that he was just badly injured. They immediately rushed him to their rescue center to get treated for his wounds.

Although they don’t know for sure, it seemed as if this poor dog was used as a bait dog and then was abandoned when he was no longer needed. Being a bait dog, he never knew what it was like to feel love. But those days of pain and suffering are now over.

He was so thankful to finally be rescued that he showed it with love and affection. He couldn’t stop kissing and licking his rescuers to thank them for saving him from such a horrible life. Now he wags his tail with joy and has even made a new doggy friend! Watch him in the video below:

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