Airline CEO Rewards Baggage Handler For Comforting Dog In Cargo

A baggage handler has been rewarded after a reporter filmed him comforting a dog and uploaded the clip to TikTok.

Chad from Perth, Australia works with Virgin Australia and he was doing his job as usual when a dog arrived in his cargo load.

Rather than load the dog up without a second thought, Chad took the time to comfort the pup and offer it a few words of wisdom before gently loading it onto the ramp. He then held the dog’s crate and spoke with it as the ramp carried it away into the cargo hold under the plane.

Photo: TikTok/@jacquifelgate
Photo: TikTok/@jacquifelgate

Little did Chad know it, but up above from a window, reporter and TikToker @jacquifelgate was watching and recording – ready to share the moment with the world.

Naturally, the sweet video went viral and people wanted to know more about this mysterious baggage handler that was so kind to dogs. He was even nicknamed the Dog Whisperer!

Check out the viral TikTok below:

@jacquifelgate @Virgin Australia ♬ original sound – jacquifelgate

Virgin Australia ended up sharing more about Chad on its Instagram account, including the news that he was being rewarded for his kindness to pets.

In one post, they announced that Chad was gifted Business Class tickets from the company’s CEO as a “thank you” for his hard work and care.

They also shared a photo of Chad with a pup and referred to him as an “animal lover with a heart of gold.”

Finally, they revealed that the original reporter who’d taken the viral clip of Chad, @jacquifelgate, had tracked him down to ask him some important questions, like what he said to the dog and if he’s single.

Check out the short interview below:

The world could use more animal lovers like Chad! We’re glad he got the recognition he deserved.

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