Monster Throws Eight Newborn Puppies Out Car Window

Harris County Animal Cruelty Investigators received a call from a concerned citizen that witnessed eight puppies being thrown from a car window. Animal Cruelty Investigator Michael Allan rushed to the scene to rescue the puppies.

When he arrived he found eight cold and starving puppies in a black garbage bag on the side of the road. He told KHOU 11, “And you see a little black bag in the distance and you hope that’s not it. Then, second thought is you hope they’re alive.”

The puppies were newborns and had not even opened their eyes yet. Sadly, one did not make it. The world had not been very welcoming to the little pups, but that was about to change.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Harris County Animal Shelter

Allan took the puppies back to Harris County Animal Shelter for medical care. All were bottle-fed and cuddled in warm blankets by the staff.

“A cruelty report was filed and we are looking for more information from anyone who may have witnessed the action. The cold and starving puppies were brought to Harris County Animal Shelter and will be placed in temporary cruelty foster,” posted Harris County Animal Shelter.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Harris County Animal Shelter

Allan said, “Look at that little face,” as he raised one of the adorable pups to the camera. The woman recording asked, “Who would have done something like that, out of a window of a car,” and he replied, “Idiots.”

A foster heard the heartbreaking story of the seven puppies and stepped up to foster all of them. They went to their temporary foster home on Saturday and will be available for adoption at the end of February.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Harris County Animal Shelter

Thank you to everyone involved in saving the innocent puppies. If you have any information about the monster that did this, please take action by filing a cruelty report at (832) 927-PAWS or Provide video and photo documentation if possible.

Watch the rescue of the adorable puppies in the video below.

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