You Won’t Believe What PetSmart is Up To Now!

We don’t have to visit a shelter to know there are wonderful pets waiting for forever homes who need love, medical care, and food on a daily basis. The notion rankles; though it pains us to think about it, we just can’t bring them all home. We have plenty of love, but lack space, money, and time enough for all the dogs and cats in need.

So what if there was a free way that you could help them throughout the year? (In addition to clicking at The Animal Rescue Site every day, of course!) Let’s imagine something radical… what if every time you bought a bag of food for your pet, someone gave a meal to a shelter animal in need? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Mixed breed dog  and Jack Russell Terrier

We’ve got news – it’s a real thing! We’re announcing an amazing partnership between Petsmart Charities and Rescue Bank (a signature program) to produce an innovative new Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™ program! Here’s how it works: when you go to PetSmart and buy a bag of food, PetSmart Charities works with our own Rescue Bank and other groups to provide a meal to a shelter pet in need.

You already buy food for your beloved furkids; this won’t cost you any extra time or money. It’s a simple step, but the scale is huge: PetSmart hopes to deliver 60 million pet food meals by the end of the year! Picture this:

Go on. Make that trip to the pet store. Peruse the aisles for your pup’s perfect meal, canvas the shelves for your cat’s favorite kibble. Starting right now, it’s totally worth it.

Help Rescue Animals

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