Meet Baekgu, South Korea’s First Honorary Rescue Dog

The best thing about dogs is that they always try to do the right thing, especially when they know it’s important. We can’t talk to them and ask why they do, so I can only assume it’s because they have pure hearts that us humans can only aspire to.

Fortunately, they continue to not only amaze us but also inspire us through selfless acts. One of these selfless acts in South Korea just saved a woman’s life!

It started in late August when a 90-year-old woman with dementia went missing in South Korea’s Hongseong county.


The fire department and an army of volunteers fanned out to search, their only clue a fragment of security camera footage showing the woman wandering away from the heart of the city into rural farmland. Trailing behind her, dutifully, was her four-year-old white pup, Baekgu.

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Baekgu, whose name fittingly means “white dog” in Korean, dots on the woman, who has been identified only as “Kim” by the local authorities.

Photo: Max Pixel

According to Express, he was adopted at a year old when the woman’s family saw him being attacked by a larger dog, and that fateful day was his chance to repay the kindness. As the woman wandered further from the city, he kept by her side.

It took nearly two days to find the woman, who eventually collapsed in a cold, wet rice field, CNN reported. Authorities scoured the area with a thermal drone, hoping against hope to find a sign of life in the expansive area. What they saw was a tiny blip on the screen, but enough to examine closer. They found the woman in the early stages of hypothermia, Baekgu by her side.

Photo: flickr/formulanone

His tiny body lent her just enough warmth to last the nights they’d passed in the field. Now, the woman is recovering in the hospital, and her family is elated that she made it through the frightening ordeal alive.

Baekgu’s act inspired the local community as well, with the local government throwing a small ceremony in his honor, officially recognizing him as the country’s first honorary rescue dog! Check out a photo from the ceremony below, curtesy of Noticias Tremendas:

Posted by Noticias Tremendas on Friday, September 10, 2021

Baekgu’s act is a reminder that when those we love are in trouble, the best thing we can do is stay by their side. He was rewarded with a floral garland and a delicious, doggy-friendly cake.

“Baekgu especially liked my mother, and it’s as if Baekgu returned our favor,” said Shim Geum-sun, the daughter of the woman in an interview with CNN. “I’m grateful and Baekgu is our family,” she added.

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