No Military Vet Should Be Abandoned, And That Includes The Canine Veterans!

When a veteran comes home after their tour of duty, we do our best to care for them. While the medical coverage for veterans leaves a great deal to be desired, the benefits are there to protect them and thank them for their sacrifices. Sadly, these benefits don’t apply to every veteran, namely those service dogs that save countless lives during their deployment.

Baddy spent 8 years as a military dog. He protected both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obabma on more than 200 flights on Military One, the presidential helicopter. When Baddy retired, he was adopted by his handler for more than 25 of those missions, Charlsie Hoffman. Hoffman fell in love with Baddy during their time together, and when he was released from service, she adopted him.

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During his service, Baddy received the best veterinary care possible. However, after he was released from service, all assistance stopped. The government refused to even fly Baddy to his new mom, forcing Hoffman to make the trek from LA to Virginia in order to pick him up, all on her dime. When Baddy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given the choice of euthanasia or treatment topping $12,000, Hoffman was between a rock and a hard place.

Over the course of Baddy’s illness, vet bills soared to over $35,000! Sadly, the cancer finally took him from his loving parent, and Hoffman was devastated, understandably so.

These tragic story is indicative of how the military treats its service animals. While there have been pushes to get benefits post-service for military dogs, those attempts have been brutally rebuffed. So why does our government ignore the needs of these animals, and how long will they refuse to give them the protection and care they deserve? If you need more proof of how amazing they are, jump over here. The more attention they receive, the better chance that they will finally be protected.

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