Man Raises Over $25,000 For The Homeless Selling His ‘Terrible’ Pet Portraits

If you’ve ever been amazed by the price that someone will pay for a piece of artwork, prepare to have your amazement taken to the next level. Thanks to the efforts of Phil from West Sussex, more than $10,000 has been raised after “rubbish” pictures of pets were sold at auction.

Phil often draws these rubbish pet drawings but he does so using the alias of Hercule Van Wolfwinkle. Most people would consider his work to be nothing to write home about, but people started coming in droves when he created a Facebook page.

He was offering commissions of close to $400 to have him draw one of those pictures of people’s pets. It wasn’t long before people were lining up to take him up on his offer.

Instead of charging $400 for those doodles, he did them for free and shared them along with fake reviews. Thousands of people stepped up to like what he was offering to the Facebook audience.

One of the reviews read: “Tell ya what mate, why don’t you get back to me when you’ve drawn a picture of my actual dog.”

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He spoke to BBC News, saying that he thought people found them funny during a time when there isn’t much to smile about. He admits that he couldn’t take their money and calls the pictures “rubbish.” He started asking for donations instead after setting up a Just Giving page.

It was about five weeks after he started his Facebook page that he raised over $10,000 for a homeless organization known as Turning Tides, and he’s since raised over $25,000 and counting. It’s amazing what just a few doodles can do.

“Homelessness is such an important issue, it’s a basic right for people to have a roof over the head and food in their bellies,” he explained to BBC News.

The doodles are actually gaining in popularity, and he is currently doing about 150 a week. More keep pouring in, so the backlog just gets larger.

One person loved the artwork so much that they had it tattooed and donated $400 to the cause.

Phil is telling people that the donations don’t really count as payment, as he doesn’t have the time to work his way through them all. It’s more of a lottery as to whether people will get a drawing or not.

“I can’t believe how it’s taken off. It’s just a bit of fun for everybody, including me. When it becomes too stressful, I’ll have to stop,’ he said, according to BBC News.

“But I’ll try to make as much money as I can for Turning Tides,” he shared with the outlet. While his initial goal was to raise around $350, he quickly surpassed that and made a new $10,000 goal.

He’s since more than doubled that goal and the donations just keep pouring in. Good job, Phil.

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