Woman Shoos Black Bear Away From Backyard Bird Feeder

Unless you’re in a cartoon fairy tale, visits from a hungry bear don’t often have a happy ending. However, a woman in Bedford, New Hampshire, had the courage enough to think otherwise when she found a black bear meddling with her bird feeder.

Jeanne Foudriat recorded a video of the bear reaching up to grab one of her backyard bird feeders.

Then she confronted the animal in an attempt to scare it off.

“Get down,” a voice shouts in the background of the video.

Source: YouTube/WMUR-TV

Luckily for Foudriat, this particular bear was in no mood for an altercation. The woman’s shoos quickly sent the bear scurrying back into the forest, leaving her bird feeders standing,

According to the North American Bear Center, there have been 61 deaths from black bear attacks in North America since 1900.

Source: YouTube/WMUR-TV

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Lynn Rogers, Ph.D, shares his personal experience with black bears, and at least one incident of being slapped by a mature female.

“The damage from a slap is nothing close to the folklore that a bear can disembowel man or beast with a swipe of the paw,” Rogers wrote. “Black bear claws are strong for climbing trees, but not sharp for holding prey. Grizzly bear claws are even duller because they are used for digging.”

Source: YouTube/WMUR-TV

“A big revelation to me was how reluctant black bear mothers are to defend their cubs against people, even when the family is cornered in a den and I’m trying to stick the mother with a needle to tranquilize her,” Rogers adds. “Defense of cubs is more a grizzly bear trait. There is no record of anyone being killed by a mother black bear defending her cubs, and attacks are very rare.”

It’s unclear if the bear in Foudriat’s back yard was a mother. On its hind legs, the bear stood roughly 5 to 6 feet tall.

See more in the video below.

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