Woman Rescues Kitten With Backward Legs

Two months ago, Gina from Tennessee found a stray kitten under her patio grill. The mother was nowhere in site and never returned for the kitten. Gina noticed the kitten scooting instead of walking. She picked up the adorable fur ball and saw that her back legs were deformed.

“Her back legs were deformed. They were callused and hard on her joints where she dragged herself,” Gina’s daughter, Anna, told Love Meow. Gina immediately took the kitten to the local shelter for help. Unfortunately, they told her that they would put the kitten to sleep, but Gina was not giving up.


She took the kitten back home and went online to look for answers. “My mom posted on social media to see if anyone knew what was wrong.” It appeared that the kitten was born this way and would need special help. The community came together and had her examined at a vet. Aside from her backwards back legs, she was a happy and healthy kitten.

Photos: Instagram/mercythekitty_18
Photos: Instagram/mercythekitty_18

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Gina was determined to help the adorable tabby kitten live a full life. Mercy, as the kitten was later named, needed to see an Orthopedic surgeon. After searching for a month, she found Dr. Fisher at Bluff City Veterinary Specialists.

After meeting and discussing Mercy’s situation, Gina was told that the kitten was too young for surgery. The one-pound kitten needed to grow more and would be ready at about three-months-old. In the meantime, Mercy is not letting her back legs slow her down. She is a ball full of energy.

Photos: Instagram/mercythekitty_18
Photos: Instagram/mercythekitty_18

She has mastered the liter box and just needs a little help with cleaning herself sometimes. Gina makes sure that her back legs are stretched daily, so they do not grow crooked. Mercy loves all the attention and is the sweetest little feline.

Photos: Instagram/mercythekitty_18
Photos: Instagram/mercythekitty_18

Mercy loves her fur brother, Elvis. The little dog lets Mercy groom and cuddle with him for naps. The tabby kitten is slowly gaining weight. Her surgery is scheduled for when she turns eight months old, to make sure she has grown enough. Until then, she is surrounded by people who love her and will continue to care for her forever.

She has her own Instagram page where you can keep updated on her progress.

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