Baby Swan Passes Away After Being Kicked By A Runner

There is outrage building within the UK after police revealed that they believe a baby swan was purposely kicked by a jogger in London. Sadly, that little cygnet has now passed away.

UK news reported that a man had been seen kicking the baby swan as a result if his laziness and refusal to run around the animal. The public was disgusted by the revelation.

The Royal Parks Police made the sad announcement that the baby swan ended up passing away as a result of its injuries. They announced on social media that the injuries were too severe for the swan to survive. Regarding the suspect, they stated that he even tried to kick another cygnet which fortunately managed to evade him and make it to the water.

The Parks Police described the jogger as having “a logo on his running top and is balding.”

After taking the injured cygnet into their care, the Parks Police kept everyone updated on its progress. Sadly, from the very beginning, people were told not to get their hopes up for its survival as the baby swan was described as doing “desperately poorly.”

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The Parks Police, which is a part of the Metropolitan Police, tweeted a description of the suspect saying that he was a “white male, about 60 years old, 5ft 6in, grey hair, wearing black running shorts and vest.”

Photo: Twitter / MPSRoyal_Parks

Included in their tweet was the news from the Swan Sanctuary that the little cygnet was not doing well at all. The Swan Sanctuary itself put out a post of their own to Facebook in order to call out the jogger who clearly wasn’t bothered to treat a newborn cygnet with any amount of respect.

The post stated, “We are doing all we can but it doesn’t look hopeful. Thank goodness there were some kind people who picked him up and reported the incident to the park rangers.”

Law enforcement are now trying to find the jogger accused of this horrific act that occurred in London at the Richmond Park this past Monday. So far, all police know of his identity is that he’s a grey-haired man around 60 years old.

The police are urging anyone with information to come forward and call 07920 586546 and give the case reference number: 0705738/20.

Sadly, this act of cruelty isn’t the only one of its kind. Earlier in the year, Berkshire began an investigation into the case of a nesting swan who was shot in the head by an air rifle as she was protecting her unhatched eggs. What was even more shocking was that the animal charity, Swan Support, revealed the attack was the fifth one to happen within a ten day period – four other swans had been injured with one being killed. People who hurt animals really need to re-evaluate their lives because no animal deserves to be harmed.

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