Woman Records A Baby Squirrel Making Adorable Sounds While It Eats

It seems as if the world has become obsessed with squirrel videos. It’s easy to see why because they are just so adorable. Most videos show the animals nibbling on some food or scurrying about on the forest floor.

This may lead some people to wonder, what does such an adorable animal sound like when they are eating? You don’t need to wonder any longer, thanks to Dani Connor Wild, a Twitter wildlife photographer. She shared a clip that gives you the up-close and personal sound of a red squirrel eating.

The clip has gone viral for all the right reasons. A microphone was put right next to the squirrel who is busy chewing away on something. It’s an adorable, squeaky sound that we all need during the quarantine.

She captioned the video, “I put my microphone in front of a 7-week-old baby red squirrel.”

More than 14 million people have viewed the clip since it was uploaded. People are absolutely in love with the sound they are hearing and are open about expressing their feelings.

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A person said, “SO adorable !! thanks for taking them in and looking after them, poor babies without mum, bless them! Only ever seen red squirrels at Dunkeld, didn’t get close enough for pics though, can’t wait to get back up there to see them again as none here sadly, we have albino greys though”

Another one wrote, “Thank for that sound and it did make me smile:)”

Here are some of the other reactions:

The photographer also posted another tweet that mentioned she was caring for the squirrels after their mother was hit by a car.

After tweeting the picture of herself with the squirrels, she said that she had recently become a “mum” to four baby red squirrels. She even says that they now recognize her voice and she visits them every day, although they live in the wild.

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