Dozens Of Distressed Baby Sea Turtles Rescued From Florida Beach

Hollywood Beach in Florida is a popular place for visitors and residents, especially over Memorial Day weekend. But it is also home to countless sea turtle nests.

Hollywood police officers were patrolling the beach this past weekend when they were flagged down by concerned beachgoers.

Roughly 50 baby sea turtles had hatched and were attempting to emerge from the sand but appeared distressed. Officers immediately contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program for help.

Screenshot: Twitter/HollywoodFL Police

Rescuers started to carefully dig out the baby sea turtles and transport them to safety.

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Sea turtle hatchlings are on their own as the female leaves the nest for good after she lays her eggs. The babies must dig their way out as a group and then make their way to the sea. While most hatchlings wait until it is dark to come out, these babies emerged during the middle of the day.

Screenshot: Twitter/HollywoodFL Police

Baby sea turtles face numerous threats with one being dehydration if they don’t make it to the ocean in time.

A video of the rescue was posted by Hollywood Police on Twitter. People gathered around to watch as the sea turtles were saved and commended everyone involved.

Screenshot: Twitter/HollywoodFL Police

Rescuers reassured everyone that the turtles would be fine and said, “We are going to get them back out to sea tonight.”

This hatching is just one of thousands that will occur in Florida in the coming months.

Photo: Pixabay

Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program keeps a close eye on sea turtle nests as hatching season begins and advises people to keep their distance if they happen to witness a hatching.

“If you encounter hatchlings along our beaches, please allow them the opportunity to crawl to the ocean on their own. Please do not dig them out of the nest or carry them to the ocean. Although they are making their very first steps, they have been doing this for a long, long time and know exactly where to go. They are smart little guys and gals!”

They went on to say, “If you encounter hatchlings in danger, like hatchlings stuck in drains or crawling towards the road, please call our sea turtle emergency line, 954-328-0580.”

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