Curious Baby Kangaroo Discovers ‘Stashed’ Toilet Paper And Destroys An Entire Roll

While humans are frantically searching for toilet paper, which is now in short supply due to COVID-19 pandemic, a baby kangaroo had a blast destroying an entire roll.

Apparently, cats are not the only animals who are intrigued by toilet paper. An orphaned kangaroo named Indi was hopping around her new home at The Kangaroo Sanctuary, a 188 acre wildlife sanctuary in Australia, when she wandered into the bathroom. She discovered a roll of this magical white paper and decided to unroll it and see if it was edible.

Screen Shots: Instagram/The Kangaroo Sanctuary

“Clever Indi found all the stashed loo paper!!! 🧻🧻🧻 😉 Don’t worry, she didn’t eat any 😁,” posted the sanctuary. A video of Indi playing with the roll of toilet paper was posted on the sanctuary’s Instagram page and has gone viral. It has been viewed over 175,000 times and people don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Screen Shot: Instagram/The Kangaroo Sanctuary

One person wrote, “LOL I’m not sure about the TP situation in Australia, but all the Americans watching this just shed a tear or two… 😂”

Another said, “So this is the true reason why there isn’t any loo paper in the stores 😳😜🤣”.

Screen Shots: Instagram/The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Watch Indi innocently play with a roll of toilet paper and see why no one can be upset with her. However, they may want to keep the door closed to the bathroom.

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