Baby Goat With Huge Ears Is Being Compared To Dumbo

Meet Simba, a Nubian goat with some of the longest ears!

Simba lives in Pakistan and at just 10 days old, her ears measured a whopping 48 centimeters long (that’s almost 19 inches!).

With more time left to grow, it’ll be interesting to just how long her ears get!

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

In the interview with Inside Edition, Simba’s owner said the little goat already broke the previous world record for a goat with the longest ears. Breaking a world record at 10 days old is an impressive feat!

But even more impressive are Simba’s incredibly adorable ears. They’re so long that people are comparing her to Dumbo, and rightfully so.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Nubian goats are known for their long ears, though Simba’s are a quite a bit longer than most. According to A-Z animals, Nubian goats are even know as “Lob ear” goats because of their unique ears.

The website wrote: “Lop-ear Nubian goats have African, Middle Eastern, and British ancestry. This mixed-breed, domestic goat is famous for its rich milk, long ears, and vocal personality.”

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

It’s likely that young Simba was born with such long ears due to a genetic condition, according to Inside Edition.

While Simba’s ears may require a little more upkeep and maintenance, she’s sure to draw quite a crowd with her adorable antics!

Check out the video below:

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