Lost Baby Goat Calls Out To The Herd Hoping To Reunite With His Mom

We all know that the bond between babies and their mothers is a strong one. The maternal instinct is strong, but so is a baby’s desire to be with mommy all the time. And these mother-baby bonds are just as strong in the animal kingdom as they are in the human world.

And the perfect example of this, is the reunion between a lost goat and his mother. Get ready to break out the tissues. The story of Shawarma the little goat will definitely have your eyes watering something fierce. After seeing this, there is no way that someone could say animals don’t feel a wide range of emotions. Shawarma was an adorable little baby goat who had become separated from his mother.

The little goat baby had been found by Ken Arceo’s sister in a pit. The sister had heard what she believed to be a child screaming and went to investigate. As Ken explained in the video, she quickly discovered that it was a baby goat who had become caught in a ditch.

Photo: YouTube / Kd Arceo

She rescued him and he was brought into the family’s home for the time being while they tried to figure out where he’d come from. Arceo shared the very cute footage of the goat in the house. He was understandably a little restless, still a bit traumatized by the separation from his mom.

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The family cared for him and even ended up giving him the adorable name of Shwarma. When they were outside with Shawarma trying to figure out where he’d come from, Arceo noticed a nearby herd of goats who had the same white fur on the top of their heads just like the baby goat. He turned the little goat around in order for Shawarma to see the herd.

Photo: YouTube / Kd Arceo

In a very sweet twist, the little goat called out to the herd. Instantly, there was a call back. Shawarma perked up. He knew that voice.

The little tiny goat is then seen running off in the direction of the herd, excited to see his mother again. And the feeling was mutual! She took off from the group as soon as she heard her baby’s cries. It is such a moving video.

Watch it below:

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