With This Baby Human, Love For His Dog Is Totally Unconditional

Babies and dogs go together so well (and yes I say that often!). So, when I come across a video like this one, I just want to hug it. Yup, I want to hug a video! Don’t judge me!

This adorable tot wants to play fetch with his dog and even though it’s a bit challenging to do at such a young age, he still gives his dog the biggest reward for being such a good playmate. Watching this is guaranteed to make you melt! I promise.

Many children grow up with dogs and cats almost like they are siblings. It’s a very healthy bond and teaches them to be kind and compassionate towards animals. Just think, you’re making a tiny little animal lover when you put your child and an animal together like this. Safety first, always. And supervision is a must. Watch, though, as their bond begins to form and mold as if they are truly siblings. It’s an amazing sight to see! You so know what I’m talking about, right?

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