Baby Rescue Elephant Tries To Befriend Dog

An adorable video shared by Elephant News shows a baby rescue elephant attempting to make a new friend with a dog.

The elephant, Pyi Mai, just celebrated her 1st birthday on November 22, 2021 – just the age to be young, curious, and playful!

While she currently lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand and has plenty of space to roam and play, her life didn’t start out quite so nice.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The little elephant was born at an elephant park and her living conditions weren’t great. Thankfully, on January 21st, 2021, Elephant Nature Park shared that they were able to offer both Pyi Mai and her mom a new home at their sanctuary.

The two were warmly welcomed by the other elephants and Pyi Mai quickly made herself at home. Being a curious and friendly little elephant, Pyi Mai quickly went out to make new friends, and it didn’t matter to her if they were elephant friends or not!

Photo: YouTube/elephantnews
Photo: YouTube/elephantnews

As you can see in the video below, Pyi Mai tried her very best to befriend a dog, but the dog wasn’t so sure about the friendship.

Pyi Mai tried to play with the pup, running around and doing some circles, but the dog, ultimately, ended up running out of the way and refused to humor little Pyi Mai’s games.

While she may not have had much success befriending the pup, Pyi Mai is usually great at making friends and has an elephant BFF at the rescue: Wan Mai!

The two elephants can always be found side-by-side and have become like sisters. Watch them play in the video below:

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