Baby Deer Follows Cyclist Before Hopping Back To Mom

There’s something special about seeing wild animals in real life. When out in nature, a chance encounter with an animal can be surreal and something to remember.

It’s even more special when that animal happens to be a baby! When spring is in full bloom, chances of running into a baby animal in the wild are higher, and some people may even go out hoping for an encounter. Of course, it’s important to give all wild animals space and not intentionally approach them, but they’re neat to admire from a distance.

In Half Moon Bay, California, common sights in the area are wild deer. They may be grazing by the roadside or hopping through trees, and in springtime, it’s not uncommon to see one with a tiny fawn trailing behind.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One lucky person got to witness and capture on camera the moment they stumbled upon a mama deer and her three little babies!

In the video, you can see the three deer right around the corner. They began to wander off, but then a cyclist comes through on the road and one of the fawns decides to follow it!

Deer family
Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

The little animal runs forward, chasing the biker, before seemingly realizing they’re too far from mom. With a moment of hesitation, the tiny animal turns back around and hops off into the grass to join her family.

The person who witnessed the sweet moment shared with ViralHog:

“It was early spring and I had hoped to catch a glimpse of a baby deer when we came around the corner and I saw a mama with her three little ones. T they were extremely young, must have just been a few days old. This one was brave and came to play, then ran back to its mother and two other baby deer around the corner.”

Baby Deer
Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

It’s likely not something they’ll forget anytime soon!

Watch the video below:

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