Rescue Beaver Builds A “Dam” Inside Using Random Household Items

We all know that beavers build dams. It’s their defining skill. And these little architects of nature do a pretty good job of their work. However, it’s not every day that you see them in action as they build dams inside homes.

But one extremely prolific baby beaver named Beave was caught on camera, hard at work. The little beaver was saved by a DEC licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist.

Beave is still too young to be released into the wild, so he’s being cared for by the wildlife specialist.

Photo: Tiktok / beaverbabyfurrylove

In the meantime, Beave has been hard at work flexing his natural dam-building instincts. While he’s got none of the natural materials that he’d be using in the wild, the young beaver has certainly proved himself to be quite the improviser.

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In the TikTok video of Beave, viewers can see the baby beaver building a “dam” right in the doorway of the specialist’s home using many different items that he found lying around the home.


Anatomy of Dam Building 101. Start by moving any object you can find to the door. #DoItBold #dialitforward #animalsdoingthings

♬ original sound – Beave

According to LaughingSquid, the rescuer explained that little Beave is using his natural instincts to build dams inside his home.

He further explained that he’s still too young to try it outside in the home’s pond, but for now, he seems content to play indoors.


Dam Building #2 #doitbold #dialitforward #animalsdoingthings #HorrorTok #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Beave

We can only imagine that he will be thrilled when the day comes he can build the real thing outdoors.

Check out the busy beaver below:


Dam Building #3 #fyp #animalsdoingthings #DoItBold #HorrorTok #foryou #furry #wildlife

♬ original sound – Beave

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