Tiny Newborn Antelope Standing At Just 7 Inches Tall Is Hand-Raised After His Mother Died

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Thamos, an orphaned newborn dik-dik, sadly lost his mother a day after he was born. So keepers at the Chester Zoo have stepped up to care for the little baby antelope.

This breed of antelope, the dik-dik, grows to a maximum height of just 16 inches, making it one of the smallest species of antelope in the world.Thamos is so tiny, standing at just 7.5 inches tall, and is so light that his weight doesn’t even register on an antelope scale!

“He may be tiny but he is certainly making a big impression on everyone at the zoo!” the zoo said.

He gets bottle-fed five times a day and will receive round the clock care until he’s old enough to eat by himself. Then he will finally be able to be slowly introduced to the rest of the dik-dik herd there.

See this little cutie for yourself in the video below:

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