There’s Nothing Cuter Than a Baby and Puppy Playing Together!

Dogs can lower stress and lift our moods. In addition to those emotional benefits, dogs also provide physical benefits by encouraging exercise and provide social benefits by promoting interaction, according to Doctors Foster and Smith. This adorable video is an excellent example of all of those benefits. Watch as this small, playful Shorkie appears to respond to a baby’s cooing, almost as if the two were chatting with each other. Maybe they are! What could they be saying to each other? And just look at the smile on that baby’s face! A look of absolute joy, to be sure! That adorable puppy is having the time of its life. Or it is just not quite sure about this new, loud creature in it’s house. “It’s like the big humans, but it just keeps yelling at me!” It’s hard to come up with something more adorable that this!

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