Baby Aardvark Needed A Rescue, Then She Got A Helping Paw!

This precious baby aardvark was found all alone. She lost her mom and was on her own for several days. THEN… a hero came along and rescued her!

This baby was in rough shape but luckily she was brought to Zuri Orphanage, and with the help of veterinarian Erika De Jager and volunteers, they nursed her back to health. YAY! She was still too little to go back to the wild so they decided to foster her.


The baby aardvark became part of the family. All the dogs fell in love with her and welcomed her into the pack. How adorable is that?!


As she grows bigger and stronger, she has a lot of friends to make sure she’s well entertained. And loved!

Once she is ready, she will be released back into the wild where other aardvarks like to meander… so long as she is well suited for life in the wild. Of course, it’s a delicate balance. To do the right thing for her, and the specie, and be sure she isn’t too “adopted family” oriented.

I’m so happy this baby was found and saved! See the whole story below!

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