Could Wearable Pet Tech Be A Game-Changer For Your Dog?

Do you know how much exercise your dog gets each day?

That’s a question that you probably get every time you take your dog to the veterinarian’s office, and it’s likely that you don’t really know the answer. This can actually be a significant problem for those of us who make the slog to an office every weekday, but want to understand our dog’s health. When we have to leave our furry friends at home alone for hours at a time, we wonder: Do they sleep all day? Do they tear around the house like maniacs?

Is this the best life I can provide for my best friend?

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For generations, we’ve been left without a way to get an answer. Oh, we sneak up to our doorways, peek into our windows, and if we’re really lucky we might catch Fido napping or goofing off. But as soon as he hears us, he’s up on his feet and doing the so-happy-you’re-home dance right at the door! Our very presence changes how dogs act, and that’s one of the many reasons we love them so much. But it also makes it hard to assess how they’re doing when we’re not around.

Can technology finally come to our rescue?

It did for a sweet labrador in Illinois. His veterinarian, a specialist in arthritis, had observed that this poor boy was in pain and given him medication. But it was really hard for the dog’s family to figure out whether he was improving. He was so happy when he saw them, it was as if he was a puppy again, without a care in the world. So the vet gave him a piece of wearable tech: an activity monitor which, similar to a FitBit for humans, tracked the dog’s activity levels via a smartphone app.

Photo: Adobe Stock / Steve
Photo: Adobe Stock / Steve

This was a stroke of genius. The lab couldn’t speak up for himself. And his family had reported that he was doing well because he looked like he was doing well when they were with him. But when they left the house, the monitor (BabelBark’s Fitness Monitor) revealed the dog’s secret to his veterinarian. He was actually deteriorating, his activity level dropping significantly due to arthritic pain when the family left each day.

With regular monitoring, the veterinarian was able to detect the downward trend, adjust his medications, and figure out how to actually make him feel better. Huge success story for one piece of wearable pet tech!

Photo: BabelBark
Photo: BabelBark

Of course, there are all kinds of wearable pet technology out there, from cameras to GPS trackers, and even wearable lights for late-night walks. But which one addresses your needs? It depends on what you’re looking for.

  • A high-priced Go-Pro will give you a pup’s-eye view of the day; great for entertainment and adventuring.
  • An accurate GPS tracker will tell you where your dog is in the world, and could be a tremendous help if he’s liable to escaping the yard.
  • An activity monitor paired with a versatile app is an inexpensive way to create an ongoing record of your dog’s activity and fitness – exactly what your veterinarian, trainer, or dog-sitter might want to know.

Keep your eyes peeled for new advances in the world of wearable tech for pets! It’s well worth considering how these incredible devices might help you better understand your dog’s needs. Who knows where they’ll take us next?

BabelBark Fitness MonitorInterested in monitoring your dog’s long-term activity levels? BabelBark’s Fitness Monitor is an excellent option. Its replaceable battery lasts up to six months, the actual tag contains an LED display to show you progress toward goals, and it can store up to 30 days of activity before needing to synchronize with the free BabelBark app. In addition to monitoring activity levels, the BabelBark app provides a hub for all your dog’s needs, including veterinary appointments, emergency contacts, and food offers near you.

BabelBark’s Fitness Monitor is just $29.95, and the app is free. Plus 10% of your purchase will be donated to to help rescued pets! It’s well worth checking out.

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