Web Cam Footage Reveals Kennel Worker Kneeing Dog In Throat

Dog parents bring their fur children to boarding facilities expecting them to be treated like family. Many of these facilities have cameras that allow parents to check in on their beloved dog. However, when one woman clicked on the webcam she saw a worker kneeing her dog multiple times in the throat.

Rachel Mundy dropped off her husky-mix dog, Ava, to Bark and Board in Brookhaven, Georgia. She was headed out of town for the weekend and thought Ava was in safe hands. Thursday afternoon before she left work she went online to check on Ava. The footage she saw on the webcam shocked and enraged her. She saw one of the workers kneeing Ava in the throat, causing her head to hit the wall.


“I was like, ‘This is going too far. This is not OK,’” Munday said. “I had to leave work to go pick her up because I couldn’t leave her there for the whole weekend to be treated like that,” Mundy told WSB-TV.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Rachel Mundy
Screen Shots: Facebook/Rachel Mundy

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Infuriated, she posted the video to Facebook, which caught the boarding facility owner’s attention. Stewart Wingate, co-owner of Bark and Board, stated that the employee had never displayed aggressions toward an animal before this incident. Wingate was appalled by the employee’s actions. The employee was immediately fired after he saw the heartbreaking video footage.

Screen Shots: Facebook/Rachel Mundy
Screen Shots: Facebook/Rachel Mundy

Mundy posted the video with the status, “Anybody living in Atlanta who has a pet should NEVER take them to Bark and Board in Brookhaven. I trusted these people to look after Ava only to check the web cams and see this happening to her. Not the only time it happened either. I have 20 other videos of him doing the same type of stuff to her (within the span of an hour – time it took for me to go get her from the first time I saw it happen). ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE AND DISGUSTING. I will do whatever I can to make sure this pitiful excuse of a human being is fired and even though I’ll never take her back there, I will take any steps necessary to ensure this never happens to any other precious animal ever again. Please share so if anyone who follows you takes their pets there they know to stop immediately.”

Screen Shots: Facebook/Rachel Mundy
Screen Shots: Facebook/Rachel Mundy

The video showed the employee harassing Ava and then taking his knee to her throat multiple times. Other dogs nervously watched and Ava never reacted. The video has gone viral and people are outraged at the treatment of sweet dog. Thankfully, Ava was not harmed.

“No guest under our care is to receive any physical discipline,” Wingate said. “That is not appropriate — never had been and never will be at all.” Wingate is working with local police on the investigation and possible animal abuse charges against the former employee.

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